Get in touch

Get in touch

You can contact me easily in several ways, though keep in mind I do get a bunch of different types of requests, and normally filter out the bad ones from the good ones quite fast.

As a rule of thumb, if you don't hear back from me within a couple of days, then I've most likely unfortunately tagged the request as "a bad one", though please retry should my spamfilter fail :)

Just wanna say hi?

If you want to ship over some pros or cons on my articles, have an idea you think I could benefit from, or have something else in mind, simply drop me a line at I will do my very best to respond back.

Wanna hire me?

Be sure to read the important details first.

Next up, drop me an email at with some more details, and I'll get back.

You can also text me at +47 900 20 820.

I normally do not respond to phone calls from foreign numbers, so please send a heads up prior to reaching out over voice call.