Troll Ventures invest mainly in companies with passionate down-to-earth entrepreneurs which builds rock-solid long-lasting services to improve our well-being and surroundings.

Key parameters

  • Experienced founder(s)
  • Got the CTO-role covered
  • Passionate and efficient team in place
  • Brings something new to the market
  • Global ambitions

A selection of investments

  • OfflinePal
    • Service delivered: Quality time, by structuring and recommending any sort of activities, from mountain hiking to concerts
    • Model: SaaS + user segmented marketing
  • Bikefinder
    • Service delivered: Live tracking of any bicycle, with theft-guaranteed insurance included. More tracking devices planned
    • Model: Physical device + SaaS
  • Sanity
    • Service delivered: Flexible, headless CMS for all the more complex needs when creating websites
    • Model: SaaS
  • TicketCo
    • Service delivered: World-class ticketing platform
    • Model: SaaS
  • NoFence
    • Service delivered: Virtual fence service for gracing animals
    • Model: SaaS
  • DigiLEAN
    • Service delivered: Online lean platform to plan for- and to take action upon any process or change within the company or organization
    • Model: SaaS
  • Insp
    • Service delivered: Social platform to publish, share and discuss fashion
    • Model: SaaS
  • SecureNOK
    • Service delivered: Security services towards industries with critical components, covering espionage, sabotage, malwarenents and more
    • Model: SaaS
  • Select
    • Service delivered: eCommerce
    • Model: Physical products + subscriptions
  • Visma
    • Service delivered: Any type of mission-critical software for businesses and corporations
    • Model: SaaS

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