What I am doing now


Some of the stuff I am doing basically right now.


  • Building up a few new companies, working mainly within the areas of commerce and outdoor events
  • Various super-excited day to day tasks with a dozen of the startups I am heavily involved in, from planning, designing, short- and long-term strategy, discussing/working with developers, financials, etc.
  • Assisting as a senior consultant towards technical/strategy tasks, towards both private-owned and state-owned/municipalities needing a strong "digital" hand to hold on to
  • Leading Advisory Boards and member of Board of Directors in various tech-related companies
  • Actively investing in tech companies making unique stuff

Studying & learning

  • Started studying online at Stanford, taking the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship graduate as a start
  • Graduated to become a certified football coach for children (5-8 years) in Norway, becoming a better coach for my son (Jonathan, 5)'s team
  • Taking professional piano class hours together with one of my daughters (Nathalie, 10), personally to try to make my Roland FP-90 not be too embarrassed by its owner, and also that it is great to do stuff together with your own children
  • Continuing taking MasterClass lectures
  • Listening to Lex Fridman podcasts for at least a few hours per week´╗┐


  • Working on my highly amateur'ish film career, learning all there is within the world of cinematography, from filming to lighting to sound and music to post-production. To see my film equipment, check out my stuff page
  • Started on my first physical children book, about a little floppy disk and his friend
  • Continuing writing on my various tech books due to be released when I feel its time


  • Doing fun stuff with my wife and three kids, from fishing to building things to just re-loading together´╗┐
  • Trying to run a few times per week, simply to keep me going for my goal of attending and surviving a couple of half-marathons per year
  • Playing in the local squash league, where I've been playing for many years
  • Playing football with a bunch of other "elderly" people like me
  • Trying to watch at least one Netflix episode per month

And as always, I still try to do nothing.

Hey, what is a "Now" page?