What I am doing now


Some of the stuff I am doing basically right now.


  • Various day to day tasks with several of the startups I am heavily involved in, in particular OfflinePal, Bippr, Nudge, Bikefinder, Insp, and several others.
    • Planning, designing, strategy, discussing and working with developers, financials, etc.
  • Assisting as a senior consultant towards technical/strategy tasks, towards both private-owned and state-owned/municipalities needing a strong "digital" hand to hold on to


Studying & learning


  • Continuing with my highly un-professional running, trying to keep it at 2-3 rounds per week, 5-10km), simply to keep me going for my goal of attending and surviving a couple of half-marathons per year
  • Starting up again playing the local squash league, where I've been playing for many years
  • Celebrating my final days in the 30s, and entering the 40s as of January 18th


  • Preparing for my trip to Dubai on January 28th together with some family
  • Planning for yet another trip to southern France this summer, and specially to the Gorge du Verdon area, France's answer to Grand Canyon
  • Planning for our New York trip during the spring
  • Planning for our trip this summer to beautiful Lofoten, Norway

And as always, I still try to do.. nothing.

Dude, what is a "now" page?