Renting a professional nerd

Rent me

Yes, you can buy me. At least for a short period of time.

I am fairly respected in topics like internet in general, e-commerce, technology and entrepreneurship. I also know a few things on organization/culture.

Examples of how people use me

  • Leading Advisory Boards, tackling and successfully implement the necessary changes on most sort of issues within the organization, from production to technology to employee to strategy
  • Executing technical due diligences
  • Helping on CTO-related tasks
  • Navigating companies through important technology choices, from internal systems like communication/colaboration to the more complex ones like e-commerce, ERP, PIM, and similar.
  • Pushing through critical projects. I never take on me the project manager role any longer. Instead I take the role to make sure the project manager and its project team implements- and finalizes the project
  • Specifications on new services and features, both written docs and UX sketches
  • Building up tech/dev teams, assisting on job interviews, setting up teams etc
  • General business advisory (e.g "How can we do this?" or "Should we proceed with this?")

My rates

I charge differently depending on the size of the companies I assist, based upon either the number of employees or the annual revenue, whichever comes first.

The reason for the differentiated rate is simply because it gives different value to a small company compared to a larger enterprise, and also that the risk involved is much higher with the larger ones.

So, these are my hourly rates:

  • 1-9 employees or < 1MNOK in annual revenue: NOK 1337,-
  • 10+ employees or 1-100MNOK in annual revenue: NOK 1600,-
  • 100+ employees or >100MNOK in annual revenue: NOK 2200,-

Minimum charge is 10 hours. No refund or anything. Just plain simple trust.

I also have a "one-day-all-you-can-eat-Roy" full-day price:

  • For all types of companies: NOK 12.500.

Travel costs, VAT and other relevant expenses are added to the tap according to official standard rates.

My 25+ years of experience and extensive network is always included.

Can we employ you?


I need to enjoy working with your company

To be able to be truly useful and super-efficient in the work I do, I really have to enjoy the work I do. This means I only take assignments for clients I truly belive in and which am confident I can have a positive impact for.

So, if you are selling sand in Sahara or you are selling listing classified ads on phone-number-lookup-portals, I will most likely turn the request gracefully down.

Disclaimer / EULA

In no way what-so-ever I will guarantee that my assistance will help you or your company succeed. In order for a good relationship there needs to be a perfect balance of trust between the client and the supplier. So, my disclaimer is simply the need for trust. Check out the below video to learn what I mean.

And oh, in general I do not sign NDAs. Maybe, if Google or some of the other giants wanna hook me up for some tasks, I'll consider it. Everything is for sale, I guess.

Contact me

Simply drop me an email at and I'll get in touch shortly after.